We hold the belief that the best treatment for patients is the least invasive approach that offers the quickest recovery. Unique to our practice, we offer a COMPLIMENTARY FOOT & ANKLE EXAM to help patients comfortably assess treatment.

Common Symptoms and Conditions Treated:

•Bunions •Heel Pain •Ankle Pain •Toe Deformities •Nail Fungus •Ankle Sprain •Back of Heel Pain •Arch Pain •Children's Foot Problems •Failed Bunion Surgery •Pinched Nerves •Sports and Dance Injuries •Work Related Injuries


Laser treatments

Heel Pain

Ankle Pain

About FAW Treatments

Bunion Correction with [M.I.S.]
Besides being unattractive, bunions can cause balance problems, abnormal weight distribution, arthritis of the joint, and chronic pain. FAIWest uses Minimally Invasive Surgery [MIS] to correct bunions resulting in less tissue damage, reduced pain and swelling, and more mobility. Patients are typically able to stand and walk the day after surgery and return to work within days. Read more

If you are suffering from heel pain, you now have a successful treatment option. Topaz is a minimally invasive procedure, no incisions needed, through radiofrequency. Once it is performed a dressing is applied with no sutures. A person is able to walk immediately and return to work the next day. A person is back in their shoes in 2 weeks. There is minimal to no pain after the surgery.Read more

[E.S.W.T.] for HEEL PAIN
FAIWest’S specialists were among the first in the U.S. to offer Extracorporeal Shockwave Treatment [ESWT] for chronic heel pain. This exciting, new non-invasive (no incisions) treatment is highly successful and offers fast recovery. Read more

When foot and ankle problems do not respond to conservative treatment, FAIWest specializes in Minimally Invasive Surgery and the use of modern technology to minimize discomfort and maintain mobility during the postoperative period. Read more

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