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At our center, conservative treatments are the first choice for managing your symptoms and your condition. However, sometimes conservative treatments are not effective. In these cases, we utilize modern technologies to perform minimally invasive surgeries in our outpatient surgical facility. In fact, we are pioneers in the industry for minimally invasive bunion surgery.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are outfitted with the very latest in medical technology, including arthroscopes, sonograms, fluoroscopes, digital scans, and more.

Some of the most commonly used tools for minimally invasive surgery include:

  • Fluoroscope – This tool provides a moving visual of the bones and joints. An x-ray beam is transmitted through the patient and the image is projected onto a television camera. This allows the surgeon to watch the images in real time, which is especially helpful for identifying issues that surface during motion only. This uses a safe and very low dose of radiation.
  • Arthroscope – An arthroscope allows the doctor to make a very small incision and use a small lens and lighting in order to view structures located inside joints. The arthroscopic is a fiber optic camera that is also attached to a television camera that allows the surgeon to get a better look. We can also surgically correct issues with the arthroscope technique.
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